Legacy EMC's SSL VPN infrastructure for Third Party users provides access to network applications and resources using the SSL VPN technology (TLS TCP-443 or DTLS UDP-443).

** Note: Typically https or tcp-443 port is opened in most corporations however for faster access have your firewall admins open UDP-443 to your authorized Legacy EMC SSL VPN gateways.

STEP-1: Download and Install SSL VPN Anyconnect Plug-in for your operating system from below:




STEP-2: Connect to your authorized Legacy Legacy EMC SSL VPN Gateway

! Important: The Cisco Anyconnect gateway "connect" field will be empty and you must obtain that from your Legacy EMC project owner and paste it or type it in. It will be in the form of "tpa-vpn-xxxx-yyy.Legacy EMC.com" where "xxxx" represents country and "yyy" sub-region where applicable. Not all projects are configured in every gateway so please connect to only your authorized gateway, otherwise you will land on an "XXXX-Default" group which will not work.

! Note: The TPA SSL VPN gateway will perform posture assessments (see below for security requirments)as soon as you connect and only compliant systems will be allowed to connect to Legacy EMC internal resources. However, some computing devices that are not compliant may be allowed but will be recorded and warned at each login (compliancy banner) until resolved. You are required to authenticate using your Legacy EMC provided SecurID credentials as well.

  • Detailed Compliant System Requirements

  • STEP-3: Access authorized Legacy EMC applications and resources

    Please note that each resource must be requested by your Legacy EMC project owner in TPAM, approved and provisioned before you can access them.

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    For Technical Help: Call the IT Global Service Desk at 1-877-800-8126 (Toll Free), directly at +1 508 898 5812